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With Core and More Fitness, LLC, you have a local fitness center that's built around you - your fitness needs, your special programs, and a social community that will help push you to your exercise goals. Whether you want strength training or high-energy cardio, our equipment and programs will take you there.

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Core & More Fitness is for adults who have neglected their bodies and want lose fat, gain muscle, or just feel better

We're not here to set you up to fail, we're here to help you succeed! Need to lose 20 pounds? 50 pounds? 100 pounds? Are you trying to get into the Army? Maybe you just want to feel amazing and fit into that little black dress again. Unlike gym memberships and other generic/fad programs that have failed you in the past, our results-based training focuses on your personal wants and needs, in a fun, social and family style atmosphere that you'll call home. More than 50% of our training clients say they've come to us after repeatedly failing to meet their goals on their own.

We Specialize Getting People Fit & Healthy

We have the solution to make it happen for you! Our training facility is a place where people come to get fit, lose weight, learn to exercise right, learn to live better, eat healthier, and just feel amazing! Our studio is private so you're not fighting over equipment and clients can book a session on the same day so there's no excuses to miss workouts. In fact, all this is part of every program. We build these into a plan-of-action that incorporates cardiovascular and resistance training, flexibility/mobility training, and professional coaching all wrapped up in one complete plan specifically designed for you!

Visit us and learn why we have the highest client satisfaction of any personal training studio in the metropolitan Orlando area.

Our Classes

Comprehensive Fitness Options

From advanced weightlifting machines to the area's best yoga instructors, we're all about giving you the right choices. Click through our primary exercise and training areas to the below.

Finding an hour in a day can be hard and that's why we offer 30 min personal training. It's fast, effective, and you get results! The price ranges between 30 to 40 per session. We also offer couples or partner training for a small additional fee.

Our fifty-minute sessions are geared more to muscle building and clients who may need longer rest periods. Sessions range between 55-75 per session.

Take advantage of our unlimited classes and also save 25% off personal training. Only 79 per month and classes are 30 min long. Classes are M-F 6 PM and Tue and Fri 6 AM, Sat 9:30 AM

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Our Trainers

Exercising with others is the perfect motivation to take your personal fitness to the next level. Explore our class selection, complete with positive instructors ready to help you get the most from every training session.

Jason K - Jason is a former member of the U.S. Army where he specialized in fitness and motivational training for ground troops. After serving he worked for corporate gyms for ten years and became a Master Trainer. After leaving the corporate setting he soon started his own company called Jason King Fitness. With over 20,000 hours on the workout floor and has earned many certifications along the way such as NASM CPT, NASM CES, NASM Sports Specific, TRX, Small Group, Senior Fitness, TABATA, and cycle. Jason got into this business because he wanted to help people achieve their fitness goals and teach people how to workout properly without hurting themselves. Jason enjoys going to the movies, playing the piano, golf, and spending time with his son.

Rob M - Rob has been a certified personal trainer since 2014. He is certified through NASM, Small Group, MMA Conditioning, and weight loss specialization. Rob is a 2nd-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He started his fitness journey in 2001 when he became a TKD instructor. He opened his own TKD school in 2007 until 2014. Rob continues to pursue his education in the fitness industry and enjoys helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Kim J - Kim has been in the fitness industry for over 3 decades in the Orlando area. She is certified through AFFA, TRX, TABATA, Small Group, and holds a nutrition degree. If you're a female and your goals are weight loss, strength & condition increase, stability and flexibility improvement, or an overall enhancement to your general health & fitness, Kim will help you reach your goals. Kim enjoys traveling, running, and spending time with her daughter.

Ron V - Ron has been in the fitness industry since 2009. If it's sports specific, weight loss, building muscle, or just getting healthier, than Ron can help you. You can expect a quality workout design specifically for you and your fitness goals. Ron specializes in MAT Muscle Activation Techniques in his programs to help identify weaknesses to make the muscles strong so you can perform better and have a more stable muscular system. Ron enjoys BMX, card tricks, and magic in his spare time. Hablo Espanol!

Nick H - With over ten years of experience in training America's best men and women to be in pristine shape to serve our country in the Navy, Nick is bringing the most effective strategies in weight loss and fitness to Core & More. Nick has trained alongside Jacksonville's elite triathletes and is bringing his knowledge to anyone interested in endurance training, high-intensity interval training, circuit training, functional training, and boot camp classes. With numerous medals and podium finishes showing personal accomplishments, as well as the Panama City Full Iron Man Nov 2016. Nick enjoys his free time working out, and spending time with his wife and daughter, with whom he shares his passion in fitness, nutrition, and life-changing habits, to get the best out of daily living.

Sandy - I have been a Certified Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor since 2009. Once certified, I started my own business; Fitness Fanatic, Inc. - what a great experience! Most of my clients were former students and the parents of those students. After dissolving my business in 2014 I worked in a small gym for three years as their Lead Certified Personal Trainer/Group Instructor. As of June 2017, I have been on my own again; FitLife by Sandy Bedont, LLC, training clients out of their homes, in local parks and studios. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, walking on the beach, working out, painting crafts, prepping meals; always searching for the easiest/quickest recipes.

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